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Meet the PM Coaches

Kristi Lorelli

Expertise: Forensic Psychology, Pharmacology, Research

My name is Kristi Lorelli. I graduated from Hunter College in 2008 with my BA in Psychology. I then went on to John Jay College where I studied Forensic Psychology at the master’s level. Presently I am finishing my second master’s degree in Pharmacology at St. John’s University.

Email: kristi.orelli@jjay.cuny.edu

Pedro J. Rodriguez

Expertise: Writing, Statistics, and Presentations for Government Stakeholders; more specifically Proposals & Contracts for Language Access: Interpretation and Translation Service

John Jay Alumni, I received my Bachelors in Law and Society at John Jay. I also received my Masters’ in Public Administration specializing in Inspection and Oversight at John Jay as well. I currently manage a budget of 4 million dollars a year for the Language Access: Interpretation and Translation Services program of the New York City Administration for Children’s Services (ACS). Language Access provides interpretation and translation services for thousands of ACS and provider agency staff so that clients and families can receive services in their preferred languages. 


Mon – Fri: 6pm – 9pm

Email: prodriguez@jjay.cuny.edu